Kicker for Good

What is the "Kicker" and Who Does it Help?

Oregon is one of just two states that provides a state surplus income tax credit—commonly known as the “kicker”. The kicker “kicks” if actual state revenues exceed forecasted revenues by 2 percent or more over the two-year budget cycle. The excess, including the 2 percent trigger amount, is returned to taxpayers through a credit on their following year’s tax return.

As detailed in this chart from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis in August 2021, if revenue collections come in as predicted, the richest 1 percent of Oregonians will get an average kicker payment of nearly $17,000 when they file their taxes in 2022. Meanwhile, the Oregonian in the “middle 20%” of the income distribution will get a kicker worth about $440.

The Kicker for Good Campaign

There are many good reasons to evaluate whether Oregon’s unique “kicker” law is truly serving the best interests of the State. However, whether you are ready to “Kick the Kicker” or believe that it is an important mechanism to motivate efficient government spending, the fact remains: the kicker is an unexpected windfall for Oregonians—and the wealthier the Oregonian, the bigger the windfall.

While long-term debates about the kicker's future continue in Salem, the pandemic has exacerbated the immediate and urgent needs of many Oregonians. Our neighbors can't wait for the State to enact reform and neither should we.

That’s why we’ve launched the Kicker For Good campaign, which asks Oregonians to commit a portion—or all!—of their 2021 kicker rebate to non-profit groups in their communities. This is a great opportunity to support a group doing work that is meaningful to you.

We’re asking you to commit to giving what you can, whether that’s a buck or $25,000 or anywhere in-between. Every one of us can contribute and every one of us can be part of solving Oregon’s toughest challenges.

Use the simple form on this page to add your commitment and help us reach our goal of $1 million to support our fellow Oregonians.

Who We Are

My name is Andrew Kalloch and I live in Eugene with my spouse, Jenna Adams-Kalloch, and our two kids. We believe that government is an essential tool to solve collective problems. But we also believe that every Oregonian should do what they can individually to help community members in need.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to give back to the State we love so dearly and are deeply grateful to each of you for taking part in the Kicker for Good campaign.

Kicker for Good
Kicker for Good